The Real Side of Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are big, beautiful, strong dogs. In the past several years, they have gotten a bad reputation. We are here to tell you that Pit Bulls also have wonderful qualities. They are stable, resilient, loyal, easy to mold into your life, and more than anything – they want to please their humans. They are easy to train, they follow commands, and can be sweet and lovable couch potatoes. Media outlets will report on the evil side of a particular dog, but they rarely report on the many people who have Pit Bulls as family pets and how great and loyal they are.

Sometimes when we hear “pit bull,” we immediately think “vicious dog”, but that is almost never the case. When the American Temperament Testing Society gauged the soundness of this misunderstood breed (and many others), they came to what some might consider a shocking conclusion. They tested 870 Pit Bulls and had a passing rate of 86% in temperament testing. One of the most beloved breeds, Golden Retrievers had a lower passing rate of 85.2% with the same testing! This testing shows the good side and temperament that Pit Bull type dogs can have.

Pit Bulls are the most plentiful breed in rescues and shelters and are often overlooked time and time again because of the stigma that surrounds them. We want to help erase the stigma related to the breed with stories of Pit Bulls who have been adopted from Born Free and are loved by their humans.

So, the next time you find yourself in a shelter looking for your new 4-legged best buddy, give the Pitties a fair chance; at least get to know them.  They may not be a good fit for you, or you may drive away with the best dog you ever had.  You’ll never know until you give them that chance. Here are some of our Pit Bulls and Bully mixes adoption stories.

Adoption Stories


“Adopting MoonPie (formerly King Jr) was the defining moment of 2020 – bigger than the pandemic and bigger than the election. We picked him up at Born Free Pet Shelter during a South Florida gully washer and conducted a ship-to-ship transfer NASA would have been proud of while lighting struck too close around us. Having no idea who we are, or would become to him, MoonPie laid low at first.  So much so, my wondering out loud “if we got a dog who doesn’t bark” has become a family inside joke. Uncertainty on both sides quickly melted away as we began to get to know each other.  Here is what I know now about MoonPie: He has a sense of humor. It cannot be explained, but he clearly thinks things are funny – like running through the house and kicking up every single rug. He is a gentle soul – Like all sentient beings, he is equipped for great destruction, but that is the last thing he wants. Having a dog like MoonPie comes with a societal responsibility not to put him in situations where misunderstandings can occur. Breed prejudice means that people will always view him as the aggressor. Thankfully, the few run-ins we have had with poor mannered dogs were with understanding people, but you cannot take that for granted. Even the gentlest dog will occasionally meet people or other dogs they do not like. Accept that and do not insist that they love everyone. The love our family gets from MoonPie is unlike anything else we’ve experienced with other breeds. As a once ‘never-pitter’, I have completely changed my views and cannot imagine life without this dog.”



“When we first met Ace at Born Free, he was too shy to even come out; he would hide from us, while all the other dogs jumped at the chance to meet people and barked for attention.  Ace’s eyes looked upon us with no hope of finding love, and we had to take him home!  Ace did not understand the concept of a family or a home.  When we brought him in, he simply would not leave the bathroom ‑ that was his first safe place.  After a couple hours, he moved around the house and Ace eventually came to his new bed.  It took some time for him to open up, but it has been a love like no other.  Ace has shown us his true colors ‑ his playful side that he never showed, his calmness, his love for his new family.Ace has even become protective.  He is now able to enjoy a day at a dog park with his fur buddies and he visits the dog beach.  He even jumps for joy when he sees us or our close friends.  We don’t know what happened to him or where he came from, but he has given us a love we never knew we needed.  We encourage you to look beyond the breed, look beyond what behavior they are showing you.  This is a result of what they have gone through or what they have not felt for a very long time; all they want and need is a loving home.”



“Marco came to stay with us six months ago when we decided to start fostering.  Our dog is scared of other dogs so we weren’t sure how it would go, but Marco was respectful of her and they both ignored each other and gave each other space.  After several weeks, we decided Marco had become part of the family and we couldn’t give him up.  We adopted him shortly before Christmas.  Marco spends his days laying on the couch or sitting in front of the oven during mealtime.  He is a protective big brother to our lab, and comes running to her rescue whenever he hears her bark at anyone passing by.  Marco remains respectful of her just as he did on day one, though he always makes himself a spot on the couch if she’s getting petted and he wants to join.  Marco craves love and wants to show us how much love he has to give.”



Isabela was adopted from Born Free last month after being at the shelter since 2018. Isabela was overlooked and turned down while at the shelter because of her breed and has finally now got her chance at a forever home.

“Isabela has been settling in very nicely to home life. She’s very sweet and affectionate and she loves to spend time with my grandparents. She loves the bed and is a total couch/bed potato in this case. My aunt originally was afraid of her because of her breed but after getting to know her, now loves her as well. She’s non destructive and is very polite around the house.”


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