Juli 12, 2021 Fundraiser Update

Starts today! 40th Anniversary fundraiser…40 years, 40 days, $40 donation to $40K goal and donor match!

Meet Marquesa, Golda, Lumi, Duke, and Buddy. Marquesa just had a mass removed from her throat at a cost of $1,123. Golda was rushed to the vet when she was vomiting blood last month – $672. Lumi needs hip surgery, we do not have an exact estimate yet. Duke and Buddy both need dental surgery estimated at $600 total. These are the types of unforeseen expenses Born Free has every month. Please donate during our 40th Anniversary fundraiser and your donation will be doubled!

Special thanks to the Mark and Carol Zemmel Fund, which has offered a generous dollar for dollar match for every donation up to $40,000.

— All donations are tax deductible. —

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We are halfway through our 40 Day/40th Anniversary Fundraiser and are slightly behind our target at this time. If you have not donated yet, this is a great day to do it! Please help us keep up our momentum. Every dollar helps!

Just for Laughs!

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-Take your dog for a stroll in Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens every Sunday 8-10 am. For more information click here .

-If 8AM is too early, Pinecrest Gardens is now open to dogs on Saturdays and Sundays 10AM – 5PM. To find out more, click here.

To learn more about how to Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, or Donate to Born Free Pet Shelter, please click on the photos below.

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