Placing our dogs in foster homes allows for them to be cared for more personally and helps the dog to better adapt for when they eventually find their forever home. In the foster home, these dogs will know what it is like to live with people rather than in a kennel where they don’t have the opportunity to improve their socialization or behavioral skills. We know that many people shy away from fostering dogs because they don’t want to become emotionally connected to a dog that won’t be their forever, but the feeling of knowing the dog will be in a home as great as yours is amazing. Also, becoming a foster parent will allow us to rescue more dogs than we have space for now.  

Process Breakdown 

When you become a foster parent, Born Free will provide the monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventive meds as well as all the vet care. The vet care would be with the vet clinics the shelter does business with. The shelter will also provide the dog food. The foster mom/dad will socialize and take care of our dog. They will also coordinate the “meet and greet” with anyone interested in meeting our dog for adoption. This can be done at a local park or at the shelter.    

Once you’ve filled this foster application and visit the shelter, we will review the application and talk to the potential foster at the shelter to see which dog will match their lifestyle. Once they take a dog, we ask for them to follow up with us with many pictures to promote the dogs on social media and send us profile descriptions. 

Please email your foster application to


“I wasn’t sure that I was ready to be a foster mom but one day Maria from Born Free called before a hurricane hit and asked me to foster a small dog.  When I got to the shelter and looked at the other little dog there I couldn’t leave and took both dogs.  My family and I loved both dogs and it was difficult to give them up but one was spoken for already and another really sweet couple wanted the other dog.  We transported another large dog to Jacksonville to meet her new owners and I realized big or small – they are all great.  Recently, I saw a special needs dog (blind) at the shelter who needed fostering and I knew the day I took her home she was going to be ours.  We officially adopted her 2 weeks ago.  Whether you adopt or foster, both are so heartwarming for you and your entire family.  The only thing these dogs want is to be loved and they give so much more back.”   

Debbie Preston, Cookie’s mom.