Fostering works!

Fostering is a great way to help a dog find his or her perfect forever family! Many dogs are scared or nervous at the shelter, so when families meet them, they do not see the true personality and might move on to the next kennel where the dog is wagging their tail and jumping on the fence. Sometimes a dog at the shelter might be labeled as not dog friendly just because he is nervous or frightened around so many dogs. Fostering allows the dogs true personalities to come out, so they become their playful, relaxed, and loving true selves. If you are unable to commit to giving a dog a forever home, please consider fostering.

Kisses – another foster happy ending!

Kisses, a fun and very friendly dog, spent 6 long years at the shelter waiting for his forever home, but family after family overlooked him.  Then one day, Kisses’ luck changed, a foster family took him out of the shelter and brought him to their home! Only 1 month later Tim and Holly saw him on Susie’s Senior Dogs and the fosters were able to answer all their questions to insure they were right for each other.
Kisses fits great into his new home with 3 other dogs and is happy and loved. Fostering works. Fostering changes lives! 

How Fostering Helps

When you foster you get to know the dog and can answer many questions for potential adopters to insure the dog and the family are a good match. As you get to know the dog’s personality, you can help us update his profile, so it accurately describes the dogs and their behaviors. When you send us pictures and videos of the dog in public places or playing with other dogs and children, we place the photos and videos on social media to promote the dog.

Responsibilities of Fosters

Foster families will care for the dog in their home. They will be responsible for:

  • Exercising and socializing the dog and supplying the food for the dog.
  • Giving the dogs all their required medications. Born Free will supply the medications and be responsible for vet costs with prior authorization.
  • Sending photos and videos to the shelter to promote the dog.
  • Answering calls and meeting with interested adopters.
  • Acquiring permission from the landlord to have a dog, if renting.

We are especially looking for fosters who are willing to give time to help train the dog. Some dogs in our care need more training to be ready for a permanent home, if you have theses skills and the time and patience, we would love to talk with you. We know that many people shy away from fostering dogs because they don’t want to become emotionally attached to a dog that won’t be theirs forever, but the feeling of knowing the dog will spend the rest of his life in a loving home is truly gratifying. Also, fostering a dog frees up space, so we can rescue another abandoned dog.

If you are interested in fostering a dog Born Free Pet Shelter by being a foster, please fill out this online foster application or this printable foster application and email it to We will review the application and call you to see which dog you are interested in and make sure it will match your lifestyle.

Debbie’s foster story

Cookie and Debbie
“I wasn’t sure that I was ready to be a foster mom but one day Maria from Born Free called before a hurricane hit and asked me to foster a small dog.  When I got to the shelter and looked at the other little dog there I couldn’t leave and took both dogs.  My family and I loved both dogs and it was difficult to give them up but one was spoken for already and another really sweet couple wanted the other dog.  We transported another large dog to Jacksonville to meet her new owners and I realized big or small – they are all great.  Recently, I saw a special needs dog (blind) at the shelter who needed fostering and I knew the day I took her home she was going to be ours.  We officially adopted her 2 weeks ago.  Whether you adopt or foster, both are so heartwarming for you and your entire family.  The only thing these dogs want is to be loved and they give so much more back.”  Debbie Preston, Cookie’s mom