February 7th 2022, Foster 1 dog and save 2 lives

At Born Free, February is Foster Month!  Would you like to have a dog in your life, but are unable to make a long term commitment?  Have you considered fostering?  When you foster a dog, it gives the dog a chance for his true personality to shine through. Fostering helps us to answer questions about the dog when someone is interested in them, which helps us find the right family and get them adopted sooner.

  • Not a long term commitment.  Most of our foster dogs get adopted in only 4-6 months, but many find a home much sooner.  
  • No vet bills.  Born Free is responsible for all prearranged vet care.
  •  Learn about many different types of dogs.  Dogs of all breeds, size, and ages need foster homes. What can they teach you about themselves?
  • Learn about yourself.  Live in an apartment and always thought you liked only big dogs?  Foster a small one and discover they can be just as much fun as a larger one!

The biggest reason to foster: you are saving a dog’s life!  There is no doubt that when you foster a dog you are not only saving 1 dog’s life, but 2. The dog you are fostering allows an opening at the shelter for another dog to be rescued. Sometimes our shelter is full and we have to turn away dogs. If you take a foster dog, it opens up space for another dog to be given a chance.  To find out more about fostering a dog from Born Free, click here.  Fostering may be short term, but the impact lasts forever.

We are happy and excited to announce that we are now collaborating with Paws4You with a goal towards getting more dogs their forever homes!  Paws4You will feature some of our dogs on their website and on their social media and Born Free will do the same for their dogs.  
Paws4You + Born Free = More Adoptions!

Thank you! to the girls from the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Noah’s Ark Club who came to Born Free for a day of community service.  They helped us with numerous maintenance chores around our property and then, after all their hard work, got a chance to meet our dogs, who were quite happy with the extra attention.  If your school, organization, or club would like to volunteer with Born Free, please email BornFreePetShelter@Gmail.com or click here.


Upcoming events in February

  • -NOTICE: Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens Sunday morning dog walks are discontinued until Sunday, February 27
  •  Pinecrest Gardens is open to dogs on Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 5pm.  To find out more, click here
  • A Day To Learn and Play with SoFlo Beagles, Saturday, Feb 26th 1:45pm at Margaret Pace Park, 1745 N. Bayshore Drive.  Click here for more details.
  • Take your dog for a stroll in Fairchild Tropical Botanical GardensSunday February 27, 8-10am.  Have some fun, enjoy a walk and make new dog friends. For more information click here . 

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