As a small private shelter, Born Free depends solely on adoption fees and the generosity of our supporters. Our adoption fees do not even cover the cost of each initial dog’s vet visits and checkups. Frequently, extra treatments are required, or even surgery. If it were not for our donors, Born Free Pet Shelter would not be able to continue our mission of saving dogs, but thanks to all our backers, Born Free has been able so save thousands of dogs in the last 40 years and, hopefully, will always be here for Homeless and Abandoned dogs.

Because we are truly a no kill shelter and some of our dogs live out their natural lives with us, our veterinarian bills tend to be high. Since we are run almost entirely by volunteers, we have no administrative costs associated with running the shelter. All donations go directly to the care of our dogs. Please consider a monetary donation to help us in our efforts.

Can I Help? Yes!

Currently, we are responsible for over 50 dogs, of all ages and sizes.  In order to continue our work, we need help. There are several ways you can do that:

To Donate please use the QR Codes on the right or click Donate button below or send a check to our mailing address PO BOX 772050, Miami, FL 33177-0035. All checks should be made out to “Born Free Pet Shelter, Inc.”

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Logan’s Long Road Home

Logan arrived at Born Free in 2013 as a 4 month old puppy.   He spent 9 years at Born Free being overlooked by all those looking for a new addition to their family, but Born Free did not give up on Logan.  We provided food, shelter, and medical care when needed.  Volunteers played with him and walked him and told him over and over that one day he would go home to a loving family.  And one day he did!  A couple who had fostered many dogs and placed them in forever homes decided to give Logan a chance.  After only 2 months with Logan and seeing how happy and playful and loving and loyal he was, they decided Logan would not be placed in a forever home, he WAS is his forever home.  Logan is very happy and, though, dog selective, is sharing his home with another foster, Mimi.  The couple wants to continue fostering, but Logan is where he needs to be.  Born Free is a no kill shelter and we do not give up on any dogs, no matter how long it takes to find them a family.