Born Free Pet Shelter did not give up on Sasha

Can I Help? Yes!

Because we are truly a no kill shelter and some of our dogs live out their natural lives with us, our veterinarian bills tend to be high. All of our funds are raised from private donations, mostly by generous individuals who care about dogs. Because we are run almost entirely by volunteers, we have no administrative costs associated with running the shelter. All donations go directly to the care of our dogs. We desperately need your help to continue our mission of rescuing and sheltering homeless dogs. Please consider a monetary donation to help us in our efforts.

Currently, we are responsible for over 50 dogs, of all ages and sizes, all of whom would make wonderful companions and are looking for good homes.  In order to continue our work, we need help. There are several ways you can do that:

To Donate please use the QR Codes on the right or click Donate button below or send a check to our mailing address PO BOX 772050, Miami, FL 33177-0035. All checks should be made out to “Born Free Pet Shelter, Inc.”

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We urgently need the items below:

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