August 5, 2021 Fundraiser Update

Thank you!! for making our 40th Anniversary Fundraiser a success. Although we did not reach our goal of $40,000, we did raise $24,744! The Mark and Carol Zimmel Fund has agreed to match these donations for a total of $49,488! This will go a long way for paying down our past due vet bills and catching up with some much needed and overdue maintenance at the shelter. Thanks to all who donated.

Fostering changed his life from Destroyer

to Perfect Companion – Arnold’s Story

Hi, my name is Arnold. When I arrived at Born Free in January, I did not adjust well. Alistair, a volunteer, saw me sleeping on the concrete (since I had destroyed my beds) and attached some carpet to some plywood, and I destroyed that, too. I destroyed my door, which had to be replaced. The volunteers did everything they could to help me get used to my new surroundings, but, like I said, I did not adjust well.

So, another volunteer took me home to foster me. I was happy there, I never destroyed anything, I got along with my new brother and sister dogs and never made a mess in the house. Sometimes, my foster mom would take me on outings to an outdoor restaurant or Fairchild Gardens and I was always well behaved. One day, a man named Mario, came to meet me. I liked him right away. My foster mom told him all about me and he liked me right away, too! And now Mario is my dad and I really love him. But I am so thankful for the volunteers at Born Free for all they did, but especially to my foster mom for taking me home, so I could show Mario what a good dog I am. I wonder if he had seen me in the shelter acting all crazy, if he would have chosen me.

Sometimes, I think about my other friends back at the shelter and I know, if they had a foster mom or dad to give them a chance to show their real personalities, they could find their own Mario (or Maria), like I did.

Arnold is right! Fostering REALLY helps a dog to get adopted.

There are many reasons to foster a dog. Here are a few:

  1. Not a long term commitment. Many of our foster dogs get adopted in only 4-6 months.
  2. No vet bills. Born Free is responsible for prearranged vet care.
  3. Learn about many different types of dogs. Dogs of all breeds, size, and ages need foster homes. What can they teach you about themselves?
  4. Learn about yourself. Always thought you liked only big dogs? Foster a small one and discover they can be just as much fun as a larger one!

The biggest reason: you are saving a dog’s life! There is no doubt that when you foster a dog you are not only saving one dog’s life, but 2. The dog you are fostering allows an opening at the shelter for another dog to be rescued.

Sometimes our shelter is full and we have to turn away dogs. If you take a foster dog, it opens up space for another dog to be given a chance. To find out more about fostering a dog from Born Free, click here.

Alistair has been volunteering with Born Free since May 2020. Originally inspired by a news article about the rehabilitation of Michael Vick’s dogs, Alistair began volunteering at animal shelters 7 years ago. His volunteer activities took him to multiple shelters in California, Philadelphia and Utah (even meeting some of the Vick dogs). Alistair prefers to spend his time with the behaviorally challenged dogs, but he also works with some of our dogs who really have no problems at all and just need a walk and some leash manners.

The experience Alistair brings to Born Free is a real asset to our shelter. Thank you, Alistair for all you do for the dogs and our shelter.

“We’re fortunate, really. I come from city shelters with high euthanasia rates and extremely limited resources. It’s a much harsher environment and many of the dogs never see the opportunities they deserve. At Born Free we have the time, space and patience that few shelters have. That’s all most dog’s need: A chance and some consistent rules and guidance. That’s what we do at Born Free and I’m fortunate to be a part of it” Alistair Thompson

Upcoming events in August

Join us at Kira Kulture Paradise Pumps and Pups this Sunday, August 8, 10am – 1pm. Dog adoption event plus a portion of the ticket sales will be donated to Born Free Pet Shelter. Click here for details.

Come meet our Born Free volunteers and dogs at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens Dog Bazaar! August 22, 10am – 4pm. Look for our tent. Support 2 great causes at once!  For tickets and info, click here.

Take your dog for a stroll in Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens every

Sunday 8-10am.  For more information click here .

If 8am is too early, Pinecrest Gardens is now open to dogs on

Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 5pm. To find out more, click here.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the activities of our volunteers and dogs.

Support our Supporters and Feed Dogs at the same time!

Born Free Pet Shelter just spent $4,000 on dog food. Master Pet Nutrition who recently gave us 500 pounds of dog food, has generously offered to give 1

FREE bag of dog food FOR EVERY 3 bags purchased when you select Born Free during checkout. Support those that support us!

To learn more about how to Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, or Donate to Born Free Pet Shelter, please click on the photos below.

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