About the Shelter

Born Free Pet Shelter, Inc. is a No Kill 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Rescue organization sheltering homeless dogs since 1981.

Born Free Pet Shelter, Inc. is unique among shelters in 3 important ways: 

  1. We are run almost entirely by volunteers.  We have no administrative costs.  Every dollar donated to the shelter goes directly to the care and sheltering of the dogs.
  2. Allowing for space, we accept all dogs, no matter their age, health or breed.  
  3. There is no time restriction on how long a dog lives in our shelter.  Many dogs live out their natural lives with us.  
profile pic Alicia Aballi

Alicia Aballi meeting with volunteers.

Outreach efforts include Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet, our partner websites for support with adoptions. Presently, we are partnered with Petco to do adoptions on site. Our affiliations include New Pet Alerts, Found Animals Foundation, the Shelter Pets Project and All Paws.

We use social media and have had TV news coverage and local news and magazine articles to try to help with the adoption process. We have a monthly newsletter going out to supporters. Born Free Shelter has a spaying/neutering and microchip program for our dogs. Pet Project for Pets supports us with food donations. Presently we are caring for approximately 50 animals, some of whom have special needs such as Stevie, a blind dog, and Sasha, a deaf dog, as well as many seniors.

Our fundraisers, adoption fees and private donations are our primary source of income.  We greatly appreciate your considering Born Free Pet Shelter, Inc. among your philanthropic giving.