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Born Free Pet Shelter, Inc. (BFPS) is a no-kill 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue organization that has been helping homeless dogs since 1981. We are dedicated to providing our dogs with a happy and healthy quality of life while they await adoption to a permanent and loving home.

Preparing Our Pets for the Return to Work Full-Time Away From Home

As we all gear up to transition back to the workplace full-time, we need to ensure that our furry critters are prepared for this. Returning to work means our pets will be left alone for longer hours than they have become accustomed to. This may result in something known as separation anxiety.  This can include barking, howling, whining, scratching at doors and windows, chewing on the door, drooling and panting. Separation anxiety can impact a pet’s mood, appetite, and bring out more destructive behaviors while the owner is away. Luckily there are things we can start doing now to ease the transition for our pets. Feel free to check out our article “Preparing Our Pets for the Return to Work Full-Time Away from Home”